About a girl

Hi!  I’m Rachael Meisels.

I’m an Empowerment Coach, helping you get tapped in and inspired to live your Unique Life through Connection, Creativity,  and Community.



Some tidbits about me:

I grew up in Manhattan, New York City, and I’m back living here again.

I’m married with two daughters, but often wonder if I’m an “Adult” yet.  (#StillDiscoveringMyself)

I love books.  I like to read a few at the same time intermittently.   There are about 10 books by my bedside on any given night.

I laugh a lot.  I cry a lot.  Heck, I FEEL a lot.

I’m an E/INFP (Myer’s Brigg’s personality, Ambivert, Pisces, born the year of the Ram.

I’m also completely undefinable and complex beyond definitions.

I am many opposites at the same time.  I love:

**Intriguing conversations with others AND contemplating life when I’m all alone.

**Walking through nature AND walking through the urban jungle.

**Connecting to my out-of-body spirit AND connecting to my Earthly love of good food & good coffee.

I am a co-creator of my reality.

I am a continuous work in progress.

I am here in this space for a reason.  Or many reasons.

I aim to appreciate and savor every moment of this beautiful Human experience.