About a girl

Hi!  I’m Rachael Meisels.

I’m a Creative Vision Mentor, helping you get tapped in to Flow, Creativity and your Unique Inner Compass.

Here’s how my natural gifts and talents benefit my clients:

  1. I’m highly intuitive and aware, able to see into situations on a deeper level or a new perspective.
  2. I’m wise and intelligent, with a LOT of learning and personal experience under my belt, so I have a depth of knowledge to draw from.
  3. I work very creatively, outside the box, in order to create something new of find solutions that weren’t there before.
  4. I have natural courage to be on stage or in the spotlight, so it’s easier for me to share what I have to offer to groups or face to face.
  5. I’m a Mystic, a Spiritual Leader/ Teacher, developing health and wellness on the energetic level, which is essential to each person’s wellbeing and search for purpose and existence.
  6. I’m often a “fan”, rarely a “follower”, of others methods and teachings- which means I take what works for me and leave the rest. I believe each of us have a very unique blueprint in that way- and I encourage others to search for their own uniqueness, not just follow me or others.
  7. I naturally love people and strive to see the best in them. I lead with my heart.
  8. As an artist, I see the world in very different ways, beyond the surface “reality”, and sharing my perspective with others is also deeply satisfying and rewarding.
  9. I love having fun, making jokes, laughing (lots of laughing), so I’m actually a pretty enjoyable person to spend time with.
  10. I’m deeply committed to making an impact in the world at large, but also care deeply about my impact in my family & circle of friends. But first and foremost I care about myself. I always promote putting yourself first, and impact will naturally radiate from that healthy grounded place.

I’m also completely undefinable and complex beyond definitions.

I am many opposites at the same time.  I love:

**Intriguing conversations with others AND contemplating life when I’m all alone.

**Walking through nature AND walking through the urban jungle.

**Connecting to my out-of-body spirit AND connecting to my Earthly love of good food & good coffee.

I am a co-creator of my reality.

I am a continuous work in progress.

I am here in this space for a reason.  Many reasons.

I aim to appreciate and savor every moment of this beautiful human experience.